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Every week, we get the question, “What’s the best computer to buy?”

Truthfully, the real answer is always “it depends.”

Since everyone has different wants and needs for using a computer, it is best to narrow it down to a few factors when deciding which computer is best for you.

What factors should you consider when deciding on a computer?

Here are five questions to ask yourself when deciding what’s best for you:

1.  First, what is your budget?

You can expect a computer to last at least 4-5 years before needing to be upgraded, repaired, or replaced.  Keep in mind that technology will continue to improve and update. Your needs may evolve and change over time, as well.

Your budget will also help you differentiate between a want and a need. (Do you need a $2,000 graphics card? Well, maybe, or maybe not.)

When it comes to cost – consider this — just because a computer is expensive doesn’t mean that it’s the best “out there.” 

Solid State Drive will improve your computer’s overall performance if you have the budget.

Based on your budget and cost of a new computer, an upgrade might meet your current needs and extend the life of what you have.

You Get What You Pay For

What about a computer you find on sale? We have a word of caution for you – please beware of the “deal of the day” or a computer desktop or laptop that’s offered at a very low price from big box stores or TV shopping networks – often on sale at around $299 price point. While those may seem like amazing “deals and offers,” when you look closely at the specs, you will find they come with a very cheap processor or small hard drive space (i.e., 32 / 64 GB). Trust us — if you fall for one of those “deals,” you might be finding yourself looking for a new computer again very soon after you purchased a cheap one.

2.  Second, how will you use the computer?

Think about how you will be using the computer, which is another critical factor in choosing what’s best for you.

Are you a casual, everyday user – online web searches, email, and solitaire or Candy Crush? Or, do you run Quickbooks or other software applications for your business? Are you more into gaming? Do you create music or graphic design projects? Maybe you would love to start up a business. Perhaps you are not sure what your needs will be in the future. Your usage determines the processor (CPU) and other hardware needs.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Review the hardware specifications on any particular software you use before purchasing to make sure you get the computer to meet your minimum requirements.

3.  Third, how much storage will you need?

The amount of storage determines the size capacity of drive you need. In general, a 32GB or 64GB drive is not enough storage for most people we’ve served and use cases we’ve seen.

4.  Fourth, how many applications (programs) will you need to run simultaneously?

The more you plan on multi-tasking, the more RAM you will need. (Multi-tasking means having more than one program/app open and running at the same time.)

5.  Finally, are there other things that are important to you?

What others features matter most to you?

Type of Computer:
Gaming PC
All-in-One Desktop
2-in-1 Laptop

Other Features:
Backlit Keyboard
Size of Screen
DVD Drive
USB Ports
Wireless or Wired Keyboard
Wireless or Wired Mouse

NOTE: it may be that you will need to purchase an accessory or peripheral to meet all of your needs (for example a USB DVD drive might be best, as most laptops today do not come with DVD drives.)

Now that you’ve answered the five key questions, you will be able to find the best computer for you.

Now, if you are looking for our general guidelines and recommendations, consider the five main hardware components:

  1. Processor (CPU)
  2. RAM
  3. Disk Drive Type & Capacity
  4. Processor Speed
  5. Graphics (GPU)

Below, you will see options ranked from poor to best to help you sort through what specifications you need in your hardware for your computer purchase. Graphics cards are a whole other issue, and we can offer real-time recommendations upon request.

If you are in the market for a new computer for your home or business, give us a call. We have business-class desktop and laptop computers available for purchase, and our price includes computer setup, optimization, and transfer of data from your old computer.

Call us today (423) 321-2781.

(PS: Regardless if you purchase a computer from us or not, we do offer a service for computer setup, optimization, and data transfer from your old computer.)

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