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Why is my computer so slow?

A slow computer can indicate several things going on with your computer. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have failing hardware. However, it could.

If you find your computer running slow, here are two quick tips for you to try:

  • First, Reboot
    • If your computer hasn’t been rebooted recently, do this first.
  • Then, check and update Windows
    • Go to Windows Settings and Select Updates and Security
    • Check for Updates
    • It may be that you have an update pending and needing to be installed
    • (If using a Mac, also check for updates to your current Operating System.)

If computer is still slow, bring it in for a diagnostics or a tune-up.  Your hardware may be failing OR there may be other issues going on with your Operating System.

We offer free diagnostics.

STILL USING Windows 7?
If your OS is anything other than Windows 10, call us (423) 321-2781.  Time is running out for support for Windows 7 (ends January 2020).

Act now and call us so that we can help you see if a simple upgrade is all you need to bring your operating system up-to-date with your computer.

So, either your do-it-yourself fixes above OR our optimization in our office, we hope you get your computer running like it should! Nothing is worse that a slow computer – when life is coming at you fast!

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