It’s Monday, and your computer system is down. Not a good way to start the week, is it? Ugh!

You depend on your technology in most parts of your business.

And, not only does your technology need to work, it needs to work well for your business to function as efficiently and effectively as possible. A happy team can serve your customers, clients, and patients much, much better. And, ultimately your business will grow. 

As a business owner or office manager, you get it! It’s your life.

There is nothing worse than a computer that is down. But, there is also nothing better than a computer (system) that works! 

Get we get an “Amen!” to that!

We’ve got our top 7 reasons we believe you can benefit from a CORPTEK IT Managed Services Plan for you to consider today!

Reason #1. Reduce and Manage Your Monthly Expenses.

With a managed service plan, you not only have a fixed monthly expense. In addition to that, you can directly reduce costs because we also offer special discounts for additional services and products beyond the base plan, as those needs come up. We have several plans to choose to meet both your current and future needs.

It’s better all-around with a Managed Service Plan. We can be proactive in most cases rather than reactive. If your computer shuts down and doesn’t reboot due to hardware failure, we will have a backup restored in record time for you!

Reason #2. You Finally Get an “IT Department.”

When you outsource your IT services, you now have a team of individuals who know your network, your people, & your equipment. 

There are two alternative scenarios that you could find yourself regarding staffing.

The first scenario is asking a member of your team hired for another role to help troubleshoot computer issues. The downside of this is that, while this person has good intentions, they are being pulled away from their primary position and only dabble in the technology field as a hobby. Is it worth risking your company and customer data to a novice?

The other reality check is that the employee you depend on for your network and computer troubleshooting may not be there forever, and CORPTEK is there for you for the long haul.

The second scenario would be to have a complete in-house IT team, but that may be a waste of resources, as you more than likely don’t have 180 hours worth of IT-related projects each month for the investment of headcount. Staffing an entire IT team is not the best cost-effective option for small to medium-sized businesses.

Reason #3. Reduces Risk.

Having backups and a secure network are essential to a long-term business operations and growth. It matters that your customer data is secure.

Reason #4. Best Practices in IT Solutions.

We stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies—your business benefits from that specialized expertise. We also offer VoIP (voice over IP) solutions among our other more traditional solutions you may think about when it comes to IT.

We also love to discover new ways better technology and custom solutions can help you accomplish your business goals and innovation.

Reason #5. Offers the Steady Quality of Service.

We monitor your hardware and your network 24/7, ensuring the devices on your network are connected, maintained, and optimized.

Reason #6. Helps You Recover from a Cyber Attack or a Natural Disaster.

Cybercriminals are making billions of dollars by attacking networks and companies daily. The pervasiveness of cybercrime means you may not have experienced an encryption malware attack yet. But, it’s always a real possibility. If you have had an attack, you know firsthand how this can cripple your business. Cyber attack ransoms are tens of thousands, and companies have had to pay in cryptocurrency, which is even more expensive to convert cash into crypto. Even more than that, there is no guarantee the hacker will let you retrieve your data even after you pay.

Our backup plan and strategy can recover you from a disaster if your business gets attacked. 

An attack on your business can feel like an emotional roller coaster when you think you are a victim of one of these attacks or even when a fire or tornado destroys your building. 

You can rest at night knowing we have your data safe in a double encrypted data center as well as onsite vaults. We do periodic tests to ensure that your computers can run and be fully functional without your network. If you lost your building to a fire or computers to a cyber-attack, we could bring all of your computers back online within a few hours, just like they were before the disaster occurred. That kind of peace of mind can be priceless to many.

Reason #7. Peace of Mind.

Being a business owner, you have many things that can keep you up at night. Worrying about your computer network and your data should not be one of those things.

We also see other IT companies hold small businesses hostage to their services. We realize that changing to a new, IT managed services will take effort. While we do have specific agreements in place, we respect your leadership and management of your business.

So, are you interested in seeing these benefits in your business?

We enjoy long-term and long-standing relations with the businesses we serve. We take what we do for our customers very seriously, and we don’t charge an excessive amount to do it. Your business priorities are our business priorities, we are serious about customer service, and most importantly, you matter to us.

What is all comes down to what level of service do you need? We offer three service levels depending first on your needs and your budget. The variables of our different plans include:

  • # of workstations/servers.
  • GB data backup needed.
  • Remote and onsite support needs.
  • Service time and availability.
  • Network security hardware.

If you are ready to talk with us about your business needs, please call us at (423) 321-2781 to schedule an consultation and evaluation.

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