You depend on your technology to work so that you can manage the day-to-day operations of your business. CORPTEK offers managed services for small, medium, and large-sized businesses. Here are a few reasons we believe you can benefit from IT managed services.

1. Reduces Your Operational Costs
Knowing your monthly IT expenses is important to your bottom line. Instead of getting charged per hour for unplanned IT-related issues and problems that come up over the month, you can have a more stable expense with a monthly managed service plan.

2. Applies Best Practices in IT
We stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies. Your business benefits.

3. Is All the IT Talent You Need
Quit wasting your time and resources. Many companies cannot grow their business when they are having someone on staff who performs their daily duties and is also the person who has to stop what they are doing to fix computer and network issues. When you outsource your IT Service you now have a team of individuals who know your network and know your equipment. Let’s face it, the employee you are depending on for your network and computer troubleshooting may not be there forever. With Corptek we are part of your business and we have a staff of employees who know your network and computers. With our Managed IT Services you can now have employees doing their job and making your business money.

4. Offers the Steady Service Quality
We monitor your hardware and your network, which ensures the devices on your network are connected and optimized.

5. Reduces Risk
Having backups and a secure network are essential to a long-term business plan and business operations.

6. Scale Services as Your Business Grows
We offer several levels of plans – depending on your needs.

7. Helps You Recover from a Cyber Attack or a Natural Disaster
Cybercriminals are making billions of dollars by attacking networks and companies on a daily basis. This means you may have not experienced an encryption malware attack, yet. If you have you know how this can cripple your business. The ransoms are in the tens of thousands and companies have had to pay in excess of $400,000.00 to get their data back.

In the event you do have an attack on your business, our backup plan and strategy can recover you from a disaster. We understand the emotional roller coaster you feel when you are a victim of one of these attacks or when your building is destroyed by a fire or tornado. You can rest at night knowing we have your data safe in a double encrypted data center as well as onsite vaults. We do periodic tests to make sure that your computers can run and be fully functional without your network. This means if you lost your building to a fire or computers to a cyber-attack we have the ability to bring all of your computers back online within a few hours just like they were before the disaster occurred. That kind of peace of mind can be priceless to many.

8. Improves Security
We offer best-practices for the security of your network. We offer training for your key personnel. We have network appliances that monitor your traffic in and out of the internet blocking websites and IP Addresses of known countries and domains that are responsible for cyber-attacks as well as scanning your packets for malicious content.

9. A Proactive Approach to IT Problems
We help you think through your needs and as your business grows, we help identify and minimize problems that may surface as you grow.

10. Better Uptime
When you have your computers and your network optimized you are able to accomplish the work at hand.

11. Gain Access to Newer Technologies
Depending on how leading and cutting edge you want to be will determine how much you integrate technology into your business. We recognize your perspective is an important factor.

12. Peace of Mind
Being a business owner, you have a lot of things that can keep you up at night. Worrying about your computer network and your data should not be one of those things.

13. Tap into Cloud Solutions
If it makes sense for your needs today and in the future, we have cloud-based solutions to offer.

We enjoy long-term, and long-standing relations with the businesses we serve. We take what we do for our customers very seriously. We don’t overcharge you. Your business priorities are our business priorities.

We offer different levels of service depending first on your needs and your budget. The variables include the amount of data backup, service time and availability, and network security.

If you are interested in talking with us about your needs for your business, please give us a call (423) 321-2781.

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