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Computer Sales & Repair

Need computers for your business? Looking for computer repair? Have a virus, malware, or slow computers? Need an operating system upgrade on your workstations? Need a SSD (Solid State Drive) upgrade to your computer(s) to help speed them up and extend the life of an existing computer? We service all brands. In addition to that, we also have extensive experience with multiple software companies. We can help you navigate through the software requirements to find the best solution for your software and work.

Server Sales & Repair

Have an obsolete server? Call us to for an onsite evaluation to discuss your needs.

Managed Service Plans

Budget-friendly plans to help you plan and better manage your operations finances of your business. Remote and on-site support, hardware monitoring, cloud backup, network firewall, & security solutions.

Networking & WiFi

As business grows, existing businesses can outgrow their technology fast. We offer complete infrastructure solutions from assessment and design to installation and maintenance.

Cabling & Infrastructure

Whether you are starting up a new business or improving your existing infrastructure, we can handle all of your cabling needs.

Cloud Storage & Backup

Most businesses cannot afford a lot of downtime when a computer crashes. We have cloud back-up solutions to help ease your mind. Be ready for the time - if and when - your hard drive crashes.


Hosted PBX, Hosted Fax - We have 3 business plans to choose from to customize your VoIP offer. Voice Over IP services includes: voicemail, find me - follow me, auto attendant. mobile app, SMS text messaging, call recording, & more. Off-site members on your team can make calls from their laptops.

At corptek, we SERVE



Computer Repair

Have a virus, malware, or slow computer? Need an operating system upgrade? Looking for a SSD (Solid State Drive ) Upgrade to your desktop or laptop?
We offer free diagnostics to determine what is wrong and offer a cost-effective solution for you. We repair all brands of computers- desktops, all-in-one, 2 in 1 and laptops - HP, Lenovo, Asus, Dell, Acer, Apple. Often, we find the repair parts alone on a Chromebook or Mac may exceed the value of your device. We have a common-sense approach to the solutions we recommend and provide for your computer repair needs.

30-Day Warranty
FREE 15-Minute Diagnostics
Monthly Service Plans Available | Ask for More Details

Home Networking & WiFi

Slow internet connections at home driving you and your family a little crazy? Call us and we will come out to do an on-site evaluation to determine where the bottlenecks are happening and determine the best solutions for your home.


Every class/workshop session is tailored to meet your learning goals and needs. Nothing is "off the shelf" and generic. We incorporate our best practices in the content we deliver. Give us a call and let's discuss what you are wanting to learn, and we'll design and conduct a session just for you.

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on-going support to reach desired result (as needed)

Our primary service area includes Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia. 

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